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What is SSL Certificate?
Secure Socket Layer SSL enables browsers to access your website using a secure connection. This will in many cases improve your search engine rankings and ensure that any information passed from the visitors browser, such as payment details, contact information, cookies and more, will be sent using an encrypted connection.

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We have selected two hosting providers who both offer a premium service at a cheap monthly rate. During the past 10 years we have tested both these companies and found them to be reliable and honest with a great customer service, 99,9% up-time and always ready to help you with any issue.

Both companies offer: Unlimited emails, unlimited domain names, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited monthly visitors, 24/7 tech support, free Adwords- and Bing credits, WordPress-install and a free domain name.

Hostgator caters to the more experienced users, also known as computer nerds, and will charge a bit more due to their advanced control-panel.

Fatcow is our recommended choice for normal people, who are looking for a cheap and user friendly setup that still includes most of the advanced features of a premium account.

First step is to select your domain name and check availability. Once you find a suitable domain name, simply enter your billing details and select a payment-plan.

Monthly payment

We recommend using monthly payment, though the fee is a bit higher, using monthly payments will allow you to get started on a small budget and you will have the confidence in knowing the exact monthly upkeep of your website.

The sign-up page will up-sell a few extras, but to keep startup cost at a minimum, we recommend that you only select "SSL Certificate" and maybe "domain privacy".

If you want to get started as cheaply as possible, you can always buy domain privacy at a later time, so in this example we will disable domain privacy.

In a later video we will show you how to do backups of your website, so here you can also save some money by making your own backups.

Hosting plans

Fatcow offers one hosting plan while Hostgator offers 3 hosting plans.

If you are going for Hostgator we recommend the Baby plan or Business plan. The baby plan is only $1 more than the Hatchling plan but includes unlimited domain names and unlimited emails. And who knows, maybe in the future you want to make an another website...

Find your desired domain name and choose the Baby plan or Business plan.

Again select only "SSL certificate" and maybe “domain privacy”.

The Hostgator business plan includes "SSL certificate" so it costs a little more than the Baby plan.

I hope you are well on your way to finding a great domain name for your website, and signing-up for a cheap hosting-plan. Go ahead and get started with that, and I will see you in the next video, where you will learn how to make a professional looking website in 15 minutes.

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How to make your own website

$5.00 startup cost
Get started with $5.00, including a free domain name.

Great for beginners
Build a professional looking website in 15 minutes.

Affordable freelancers will help you customize your website.

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Get instant visitors to your website using Adwords.

Search Engine Optimization
Optimize your site and rank high on the search engines.

Analyze visitor data, and track your conversion rates.

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