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Google Adwords is an online advertisement auction, where you bid on specific keywords and Google will displays your ad in the search results.

When someone searches Google, for a keyword you are bidding on, they will be eligible to see your ad, either at the top of the screen or at the bottom. Each click on your ad, is billed as a “pay-per-click fee” according to your bid settings for that specific keyword and target audience. You have the option of targeting a specific area, what time and day to run your ad, and also what languages to target.

Getting started with Adwords can be a bit daunting, due to the many advanced features and settings. We recommend that you find a freelancer to show you how to configure Adwords, and how to set up your ad campaigns. However, this video tutorial contains enough information for you to get started, and you can always contact the Google Adwords support team, or get a freelancer to preform an Adwords audit of your account.

Ad Campaigns

The first step is to create some ad campaigns.

If for example you run a “bike repair and sales business”, where you sell new bikes... used bikes... and do repairs, you would create 3 campaigns: New bikes - Used bikes – Repairs. In each campaign, you create a few Ad-groups… these are related to specific search terms that you want to target.

Ad Groups and keywords

The people who are looking to buy a used bike, will often search for different keywords, and these can be segmented into Ad-groups. For example, some people may search for: “Second hand bike”, other people will search for “used bike” or“refurbished bike”. This is why we create a separate Ad-group, related to each of these general search terms. In each Ad-group you input the keywords that you wish to bid for.

The Ad-group called “Second hand bike” should only target keywords related to this search term. For example: “buy a second hand bike”, “cheap second hand bike”, “second hand bike for sales”, and so on... Some people will not use spacing when they search, so remember to include all variations of the keywords. If you mostly cater to a local audience, it’s a good idea to create Ad-groups for “local searches”, and bid for the same keywords, but include the area name. For example “buy a second hand bike denver” and “second hand bike for sale denver”. Google also provides you with a “keyword planner”, where you can see how many people are searching for specific keywords, every month.

Use narrow keywords

When you are just getting started with Adwords, we recommend that you only bid on “narrow keywords” with a maximum of 1000 - 3000 searches per month…. These are also know as “long-tail-keywords”. This will allow you to ease into Adwords on a small budget, and you won’t be overwhelmed by the incredible speed by which Adwords can deliver visitors to your website.

Narrow- long-tail keywords will also have less competition and therefore cheaper click prices. A broad keyword would be: “used bikes”. A narrow keyword would be: “used bikes for sale in denver”.

Write some text ads

Once you have added some keywords to your Ad-groups, write two text ads, and point them to your website. You should always write two ads that are significantly different from each-other, this will enable Google to test which ad gets the highest “Click Through Rate”, and only display the ad that most people actually click on.

Now, all you have to do, is wait for Google to audit and approve your ad, and it will start running shortly after.

Cheaper click prices

A good practice is to bid higher than the “suggested bid price”, and after a few days, slowly start to lower the bid, until you reach below the “suggested bid price”. This takes a bit of practice, and must be done slowly, and since Adwords is an automated system, there will be many other variables that determine your “pay-per-click fee” and your ad placements.

As as beginner you should always keep your daily budget set to a minimum, and start by testing one or two campaigns and Ad-groups, at the most. We also, recommend, that you watch a few YouTube videos, to see how other people set up their Adwords campaigns.

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