Monthly payment web hosting

Across many industries, customers want to be extra careful before committing to large upfront payment, and that is why they opt for a short-term contract, despite the long-term savings that may be associated with more extended plans.

This fact is not different for website owners. For web owners and bloggers, a monthly payment web hosting makes more sense if you want to try out new hosting providers security, performance, customer support and account management tools before opting for a longer deal.

However, in searching for the best monthly web hosting plan, website owners must be careful not to fall into the trap of wrong companies because there are a lot of firms offering monthly web hosting services and willing to do anything to lure customers to make a profit. This includes some outrageous claims to provide unlimited services which look excellent only on paper.

Why choose a monthly web hosting

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a monthly payment web hosting is that you can cancel the plan after a project has been completed and also discover more about the provider’s level of service.

Also, with a monthly web hosting plan, you don't have to pay a significant amount of money at once. Instead, you can pay monthly and start your blog.

In addition, for any business whether small or significant, price is of great importance and a monthly web hosting plan offers you value for your money. There a lot of people who need websites but can’t afford to spend a thousand dollars on one to be built professionally. However, with a monthly payment web hosting, you can also get a professionally designed website that provides your blog visitors all the information they need.

Furthermore, choosing a monthly web hosting plan helps bloggers have an accurate idea about a company and their services. You may want to sign up for a longer term plan after you must have found out that everything is working well or you and move to another web host.

Also, with a monthly payment plan, there is no reason to pay annually: Website owners must realize that there is no reason for them to agree to pay annually. Most web hosting companies tries to convince bloggers to pay annually in order to get the best pricing schemes. However, with a monthly payment plan, you have a greater control on how to handle the hosting services.

In conclusion, choosing a monthly web hosting plan comes with a lot of advantages because unlike the yearly plan, you can cancel your hosting account and leave at any time you want to.

Although there are a lot of firms offering monthly web hosting plans for various websites, you must carefully study each of them, their services and the features of their monthly web hosting plan before making a choice, you can also read online reviews, client’s testimonials and ensure that the service offered is worth the monthly payment before proceeding to make a decision.

Top 10 Monthly Web Hosting

Are you looking for affordable web hosting com panies with cheap monthly payment? We have made a list of the Top 10 cheap web hosting providers with monthly payment and great sign-up discounts.

Top 10 Web Hosting (Updated Tue. June 22, 2021)

Rank Service provider Special features Cheapest startup cost Monthly


Unlimited everything + Servers in US, EU and Canada + Powered by renewable energy + Money back guarantee + No hidden fees
$38.90 $9.95


Unlimited everything + Free domain + Money back guarantee
$5.00 $5.00


Unlimited everything + Advanced controlpanel + Money back guarantee + Coupon: 1CENT
$5.00 $11.95
4. Unlimited everything + Servers in US, EU and Asia + Free SSL certificate + Money back guarantee + Coupon: ZIP51 $19.85 $12.99


Unlimited everything + Free domain + Dedicated IP + Money back guarantee Coupon: HOSTWINDS25OFF
$9.74 $12.99
6. Unlimited everything + Advanced controlpanel + Money back guarantee $19.98 $7.99
7. Unlimited everything + Advanced controlpanel $23.16 $10.99


Unlimited everything + High performance hosting + Free domain + Dual datacenter + Money back guarantee
$52.99 $19.99

1 YEAR $9.89

Advanced controlpanel + Easy domain ownership + Servers in US and UK + $1.99 SSL Certificate
$18.94 Not Available
10. Unlimited everything + Free domain + Free SSL certificate + Free on-boarding support + Money back guarantee $47.88 Not Available

Disclosure: All prices are USD. Many hosting providers also accept CAD, EUR and GBP. We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Limited hosting vs. Unlimited hosting

Generally you will be offered a choice between limited hosting, with 1 domain, and unlimited hosting with unlimited domains. We recommend that you select Unlimited Web Hosting, where you can add as many domain names as you like.

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