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Using freelancers is a great way of getting started and it also offers you the freedom to select skilled programmers and designers from all over the world.

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We have selected two freelancer platforms, where you are sure to find some great deals, offered by friendly freelancers who are more than happy to help you.

When you are dealing with freelancers, it’s very important to take it easy. The hiring process should cover at least 24 hours, to enable people from all times-zones to apply. This way you avoid snap decisions about which freelancer to choose, and you will have more time to negotiate a better deal for your project.

Be sure to backup your website before you start working with freelancers, and also let the freelancers know, that you expect them to backup any file they update, so that you can easily revert back to the original, should anything happen.

Great deals, friendly people

Fiverr is like a pick-and-mix-market where you see a lot of colorful ads, and likewise colorful people. It is a very friendly and down-to-earth community, where you always contact the seller before you order anything. This way you get a conversation going about your requirements, and can ask the freelancer to cut you a deal before you get started. Always contact multiple sellers and try to stay clear of the really cheap deals.

If you select freelancers with no recent feedback, you can tell them, that if they do a good job and offer you a deal, you will provide some awesome feedback, to help them further their success on Fiverr.

The pro zone

If you are looking for a more professional environment, we highly recommend Upwork, where the freelancers are top professional and the communication is more precise and client-oriented. Upwork is like a job auction site, where you post your job description and wait for freelancers to respond.

Most of the time you will see fast replies from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, this is often automated and copy-paste responses, and should mainly be ignored. We have hired many freelancers in the past and found that the quality and reliability of such freelancers, often match their prices and fast response time…. so please wait 24 hours to receive some offers from eastern Europe and Russia where the work ethic is of a higher standard.

Getting a good deal

Create a “Fixed price job”, and write a short and precise job description. Keep in mind that a $50 job will get more work done, than 2 jobs of $25 each.

When you have found a suitable freelancer, remember to write the detailed job requirements in the “Job offer”, to be sure that you get what you pay for. Again you have the option of selecting freelancers with little to no client-feedback, and offer them a great, 5 star feedback if they offer you a good deal in return.

Remember the keywords

When you post your job on Upwork, be sure to put the related keywords in the job title. If you are hiring for WordPress customization put “WordPress customization” in the job title. If you are hiring for design customization put “WordPress theme customization” in the job title.

You should also consider, that hiring freelancers is a great opportunity to ask them to preform the actual work, live on screen, using YouTube, Skype or Teamviewer. This way you pay for the work being done while getting some free WordPress training by a professional.

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