User Interaction Specialist

Since 1996 I have been developing, testing and optimizing User Interaction Designs with a special focus on Intuitive and Simplistic Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Many of my designs and concepts have been copied and implemented in some of the most used computer- and mobile screen systems in the world like iOS, Windows, Android and YouTube. You most likely use my Interaction Designs every day of your life without knowing it.

What I offer clients, and you as the end-user, is Optimized User Interaction and GUI. I care very little for "what looks flashy".

My single goal is to optimize the Graphical User Interface (GUI) in such a way that is most easy and relaxing to use.

User Friendly GUI Design

Having worked with computer systems since "forever", it is my ideal that the end-user must always be offered the best of the best in both Performance and Ease of Use, no matter what computer system or hardware configuration.

The end user ("you"), should always be able to accomplish the task and reach the goal, with as little mental and physical energy expense as possible.

It is my experience, having worked with computer systems since the days of PC 8086 and Amiga 68000, that enables me to develop and design some of the best User Friendly Interaction Designs in the world today.

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